One of the Carolina’s best party and wedding bands, is a six-piece ensemble that plays exciting hits from the sixties to the present.  Based in Charleston,South Carolina, the talented group has performed over four-thousand shows in eight states to great acclaim since its inception in 1997.  This band is built to keep the crowd on its feet, dancing to electrified funk tunes that are punctuated with swinging horn section solos, hip-hop, funk, shag and disco songs, and rock and roll favorites from every era.  PlaneJane has five vocalists, each with a distinctive style, who harmonize to form a trademark vocal sound over the driving rhythm section, while three multi-instrumentalists rev up the audience.  Don’t miss a show!

Return of the Mac:  Formed in 2009 with the idea of playing nothing but current, hit music that people could dance to anywhere and everywhere, Return of the MAC has created a sound both electric and acoustic to appeal to a younger crowd while ensuring every guest at an event has a great time. They are available as a trio or a quartet for weddings and private events.From acoustic soul to straight 4 to the floor and everything in between, we’ve got a set list spanning decades that will make any lucky listener get up and dance. OR, just sit back, relax, and enjoy some musical intricacies.